Today we will give you information about the Definition of Nutrition and diet definition.Everyone in the world wants to live a healthy life. Knowledge of food and Definition of Nutrition is very important for every person. On the normal level, food and nutrition are considered as same, while not so. In fact, food means all the substances that humans can use to survive. Food or diet is a mixture of various substances, which are essential for life, whereas nutrition is a dynamic process, in which the body is made healthy by the consumption of food or diet.In fact,nutrition is called that process by which a living being digest food and uses it for the growth and replacement of tissues.

‘Nutrition’ can be defined as the science of food, which relates to healthy.In other words, it can be said that nutrition is the science of food which is related to the process which tells how food is digested, how nutrients are absorbed, how they are distributed for the use of tissues and How waste material get out of the body.


Balanced diet or food related to the absorption of those substances, For the growth and maintenance of the body in certain quantities all the necessary elements can be fulfilled according to the body’s requirement. Balanced diet means – taking the appropriate amount of food from all the food groups is called Balanced Diet.

The diet in which all the essential elements of food like protein, carbohydrate, fats, vitamins, mineral salts and water are in the correct proportion are called ‘balanced diet’.

In other words, ‘Balanced diet’ is that, in which various elements of food are according to the right and appropriate quantity and the person’s need in the appropriate properties. In fact, not every person needs a same type of diet. These are different types of food for different people.

According to another definition, a diet made from various food items, which provides all the nutritious ingredients in proportion to their minimum physical needs, is called ‘balanced diet’.

For balanced diet, it is necessary to keep the following points in mind:-

  • Include all the essential elements in the appropriate amount in ‘balanced diet’.


  • There should be a definite ratio between different elements of food. Protein, fat, and carbohydrate ratio should be 1: 1: 4.


  • Food should be easily digestible.


  • It is necessary to cook food, because it disinfectants the food and makes it tastefully and easily digestible.


So today we have given you information about the Definition of Nutrition and Diet Definition. In this article we have explained to you the definition of nutrition and diet in many ways. Read the whole article and carefully understand the Definition of Nutrition and Diet Definition.

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