Today we will give you information about how to get abs and all workouts. Many people today are very serious about fitness and because of this many people want to have their 6 pack abs But many people also think that making abs is very difficult but it’s not like that you Just need to do a little bit of hard work and anyway,to get something good have to lose something. So in this article we will give you all the information related to abs exercise, How to get abs, lower abs workout, abs diet , abs routine and Those who do not go to the gym or do not have the time to go gym So for this we will also give you some Home Workouts which you can easily do at home.


  • HANGING LEG RAISES– This is lower abs workout and  very powerful exercise for abs. There are two different variations in this workout.  In one you can do a knee bend and the second is shown in the picture. It is up to you that in which position you are able to correct anyways in both position have same benefits. This is the Best Exercise for lower abs but while doing this workout, keep control your balance means do not move your upper body only swing your lower body. Do nice and slow and take sets and reps according to your strength.


  • V-SIT HOLD– In this exercise, you have to create V-Position as shown in the picture. You have to hold in this position at least 30 second If you are more than holding it then it is better for you but you have to be at least 30 second hold. While doing this exercise, keep all the focus on your abs and squeeze your stomach. It is very helpful exercise for abs.


  • CABLE CRUNCHES-This are upper ABS exercises. In this exercise, your knee will be on the ground as shown in the picture. While doing this exercise, keep your back straight and do not go down too much. If you go down too much then your lower back will be exercised. So if you are doing ABS then do not go down too much. Keep in mind that only the upper body should be taken down if the lower body is also working together, then this position will be wrong.


  • CURL-UPS– This exercise is for your upper ABS. Keep the position in mind, move only the upper body, do not move the lower body at all. While going up, squeeze the abs and when goes down do not touch neck on the floor, neck Keep in the air. Leave breathing while squeeze and do nice and slow.


  • PLANKS– This is the most powerful exercise of ABS. In this exercise your all weight is above elbow and toes. If you have any kind of injury and you can not exercise much, then this exercise is the best. When exercising, squeeze your abs and keep the posture of the body straight and look at the front. Holding at least 30 seconds will be very beneficial for you. it is best exercise for core.



How to get abs at home? Above we have told you one of the best 5 exercises for abs. These exercises is very beneficial for core and abs. Now we have give you some best home exercises that you can do easily at home-

  • BICYCLE CRUNCHES– This is the best home exercise for abs. While doing this exercise, Keep the movement of hands and legs equal. This workout is beneficial for your upper and lower abs and do at least 30 to 40 second.



  • LEG LIFTS– This  lower abs workout. Many people do not have 6 pack abs because they not do lower abs workout. if you want 6 pack abs then you have to do this kind of workouts. Do at least 30 second.


Some more after this for Upper abs workoutCurl-Ups, Crunches and most important for Lower abs workoutScissors crunch, Scissors jacks and crunch kicks. These workouts you can easily do at home. Specially  do lower abs workout because Many peoples do not work on lower abs due to which their 6 pack abs can not be build and all exercises do at least 30 to 40 second. If you have any kind of injury on your lower back then, do exercises according to your strength and do planks it will be beneficial for your lower back.


How to get abs with routine?Abs is a small muscle compared to the rest of the muscle. abs takes at least 24 to 48 hours to recover and the rest of the muscles take 72 Hours or more. You can do ABS Exercise in Week 2 to 3 times with take a one-day gap. If you have to make abs fast or lose fat, how to get abs fast, you can do abs workout everyday. But do not do the same exercise every day. One day, train upper abs and second day lower abs workout. This will give you time to recover your muscles. How? If you first trained upper abs then train lower abs the next day, this will recover your upper abs muscle for the next day. By follow this you can do abs workouts everyday.

If you are build muscle then do abs workout  2 to 3 times in a week. only Exercising just will not build your abs with this you have to pay attention to your diet. Proper Diet is very important for making abs. So we have given below the information about abs diet. Follow the diet with exercise, abs will be ready soon.



How to get abs with diet? Many people say that 6 pack abs is not build even after doing all abs exercises and Many people are hungry all day for 6 pack abs. You have to follow good diet for 6 pack abs. If you are doing abs exercises more than your strength but do not pay attention to the diet then this may cause your lower back injury and your Digestive system may also be bad.

  • First of all eat heavy breakfast. This will make you feel bit hungry for the whole day, due to which you will not be able to consume more calories.
  • eat your food two hours before sleeping at night, but eat less because calories does not burn in the night due to which your body fat will be increase.
  • Add more and more proteins to your diet because the protein is easily digested and protein converts your body fat into muscles.
  • For protein diet chicken, fish, egg, yogurt, oats, lentils, cheese etc. add in your diet.
  • If you get hungry after diet then eat snacks. Eat fresh raw vegetables in snacks and you can also add green tea in snacks.
  • If you want to reduce your lower belly fat then you need to eat fresh raw vegetables because they have lot of antioxidant, vitamins, minerals, fibers etc. it will help you to reduce lower belly fat and help to make abs.


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