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Essential oils definition Have you ever experienced some cases when you feel too tired to do anything? Or your energy goes down suddenly while a lot of tasks are in your hands? If your solution is usually the third cup of coffee, you should know a fact that caffeine is the enemy of your skin. Too much caffeine can affect both of your health and beauty. So this time why don’t you think about essential oils for energy?

Trusted by many experts for centuries, essential oils are your saviors when you need to boost your energy back, regain your senses to continue working effectively.  But nobody knows why just a small amount of this liquid can bring such a big miracle.(essential oils definition)

What are essential oils’ secrets?

Essential oils are made by extracting some parts of plants such as flowers, leaves or peels with many methods such as distillation, liquid-liquid extraction or cold pressing. Scientists have done thousands of studies and research to solve the mystery behind these essential oils. (oils examples)

One of their secrets is substances known as “adaptogens”, which means they can enhance your ability to adapt the situation you’re facing. For examples, after using the same oil, a depressed woman might feel more relieved, and a tired salesman may find his energetic mood to meet more customers. (essential oils definition)

According to research at Ruhr University in Germany, they learn that your body can receive many benefits from essential oils such as your blood pressure, heart rate or immune system. They have the aromatic molecular compounds that can affect directly your brain to mediate the stress or uplift your mood quickly. (oils examples)

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Do you know how to use essential oils?

There are many options to pick when you decide to use an essential oil. You can apply it topically or inhale through a diffuser in case you’re in a middle of doing something. If you want to have more relaxing time, try using it in a massage oil or steam bath. Some people also use essential oils for foods, drinks in their DIY beauty recipes.

Tips: Don’t use too much essential oils because only two or three drops of them can do every trick you want, especially with top quality products. (oils examples)

Top 3 best essential oils for energy boosting

1. Citrus Oils

Citrus oils – including lemon, orange, and grapefruit – are very famous for their abilities to uplift and energize effectively. All of them can be inhaled or applied topically, but you should dilute them a little bit. (citrus)

Besides the benefits above, citrus oils also help your health with their healing antioxidant compounds, reducing your blood pressure and much more. (citrus)

It’s common knowledge that a glass of orange juice or lemonade in the morning is good for your skin and immune function. But do you think with just one or two drops of citrus oils in your water also bring same results? That’s how amazing essential oils can give you. (citrus)

essential oils definition


2. Mint Oils

It’s always refreshing when you breathe the scent of peppermint, right? Eucalyptus is known to have the same effect as well. Minty oils can help you re-focus, calm your mental issues and overcome mid-afternoon tiredness.

Peppermint essential oil is recommended when you struggle with a slow digestion after overeating. A high level of menthol is also the reason why peppermint essential oils are widely used as a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal.

Healing properties and improving energy levels are two main strengths of eucalyptus oil. Moreover, if you’re suffering from a cold, mixing 1-2 drops of eucalyptus oil with hot water and inhaling the steam is one of the best methods which can help you recover very well.


essential oils definition


3. Herbal Oils.

When it comes to herbs, people usually associate them with some flavor in food. Only a few of them know that herbal oils made from rosemary, basil, lemongrass, and thyme have amazing healing abilities. They are especially good for both of your health and mood.

With rosemary essential oil, your fatigue will disappear in no time. The cineole substance in rosemary oil has the benefit to boost the flow of blood in your body which increases your energy and concentration. Its antioxidant power can support the immune system too.

Basil essential oil is favored for its fresh scent and a special capability to stimulate the suprarenal glands. It plays an important part to relieve your stress as well as mental fatigue. But remember that you shouldn’t use basil oil when you’re pregnant.

Thyme oil is known as one of the strongest antibacterial essential oil.  Your immune system can receive a lot of benefits if you usually use this oil along with your spirit too. If you aren’t often in a good mood, thyme oil definitely is the hero you love most.

Don’t forget about lemongrass oil especially when you need something that can relieve your muscle pain and body aches. This oil also contains some compounds which are strong against bacteria, fungus, and insects.

essential oils definition


essential oils definition

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