Triceps exercise



Today, we will give you information about Triceps exercise. We will tell you some workouts that will build your triceps quickly. We are telling you powerful basic exercises without equipment , which you can do easily at home or anywhere. This is a basic exercise, it is necessary to do for triceps, so do not avoid it. So let’s know the triceps exercise and triceps exercises without weights


This workout is beneficial for the triceps. Same position according to the picture but Your back should be straight. In this exercise, you will not need dumbbells. If you want to add weight then you can take a water bottle like 1liter or 2liter. When you do this exercise without weight, then the maximum number of reps will be drawn in a set, tricep exercises without weights.

Triceps exercise


This is the basic exercise of the triceps which you can do without any equipment. In this exercise You have to make the position of hands like diamond , as shown in the picture, hence it is called diamond push-ups. Doing this exercise like normal push-ups . This is very beneficial exercise for triceps, triceps exercises without weights.

Triceps exercise



This exercise are also like Diamond push-ups but you have to do it by putting feet on the bench or chair, as shown in the picture. This push-ups is little hard from diamond push-ups. In this exercise, you will need more strength.While doing this exercise you have to keep the knee bend lightly. This is powerful exercise for triceps, triceps exercises without weights.

Triceps exercise


This is the main exercise of the triceps. This exercise is powerful and very beneficial for the triceps. Doing the workout according to the picture. While doing this exercise you have to push with the triceps do not use the feet in this exercise, triceps exercises without weights.

Triceps exercise


The two very powerful exercises of the triceps are the one which told you above Bench Dips and Triceps dips. These two exercises are very important. You must add this exercise in your Triceps workouts. This exercise is main, so that’s why its name is Triceps Dips. According to the picture, in the same position. While doing this exercise, go to the bottom 90 degrees and stretch your triceps. This exercise cover your entire triceps and build quickly and this is also beneficial for chest.

Triceps exercise



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