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Today we will tell you about the exercise of legs. Most people do not pay attention to the leg, they are only engaged in making their upper body, but this is wrong. Legs exercise boost testosterone, which makes your muscles grow, so leg workout is very important because it produces more muscle mass. Leg Workout with Dumbbells and Leg Workout for Mass. We will tell you such exercises which you can easily do at your home. We are also telling these exercises for those who do not have the time to go to the gym or workout. If you have dumbbells then you can do this workout at your home too. So let’s start-


This workout is like squats. All of you will know how do squats. In this exercise, you have to do Dumbbells Squats, as shown in the picture. While doing the exercise, take the hip back and do not take the knee forward. Do nice and slow . You can do this workout easily at your home, with dumbbells or without dumbbells. (Leg Workout With Dumbbells)



In it you have to exercise with single dumbbells, dumbbells have to keep you on the chest side and do squats as shown in the picture. You can do this workout at home and if you do not have dumbbells, then you can do these workouts by taking 1 liter or 2 liter water bottle. (Leg Workout With Dumbbells)



In this exercise you have to keep a little more space between your legs while squatting,keep position like sumo, as shown in the picture. This workout should be done with single dumbbell. while doing this exercise hip should be down back and do nice and slow. You can do this exercises easily at home with dumbbells or water bottle as mentioned earlier. (Leg Workout With Dumbbells)



While doing this exercise move one foot forward and take a dumbbell in both hands, as shown in the picture. During the exercise, keep your back straight and let the knees bend together. In this workout your hips will be stretch and also build. After one set do same workout with another leg. You can do this workout easily at home. (Leg Workout With Dumbbells)



This workout is like a static lunge, but you have to do it by walking lunges, as shown in the picture.While practising this exercise, keep in mind that your back should be straight and the gap between the two legs is equal, otherwise knee injury may be possible . You can do this workout easily at home or in an open space. If you want weight then add dumbbells otherwise do without equipment. (Leg Workout With Dumbbells)



You have to do this workout like Normal Squats, as shown in the picture.This workout build your thigh and gives good shape. If you are a beginner then do not overdo this exercise and do not go too down when exercising. Keep in mind that while doing this workout the back will be straight and do nice and slow. If you have a barbell then you can do this workout at home. (Leg Workout For Mass)



This is one of the best workout for leg. Carefully do this exercise. While exercising, keep the back straight and pay attention to the position. In this workout, your thighs and hips will be build and also build few muscle of your back.This is very important exercise for leg and do nice and slow.you can do this workout easily at home but take care of Dead Lift position. (Leg Workout For Mass)



Today, we have told you Leg Workout with Dumbbells and Leg Workout for Mass. First read the entire article and then carefully do all exercise especially when you do dead lift. keep the attention of the position of all exercise if you are doing wrong position So there is no benefits in doing this exercises. The beginner do not over do this exercises and the others do according to your capability.


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