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Today we will give you full details of the masturbation is right or wrong in this post. By the way, there is no loss of masturbation, but due to wrong and excessive it can have serious consequences. This is a problem that is of today’s youth Addiction is being made. Many people are going to spoil their lives due to this addiction. This subject searches the millions of people on the internet. In this article, we will give you complete information about the masturbation and in this article will give all the details of Masturbation Effects, Masturbation Benefits and How to stop Masturbation-

 Masturbation Effects Masturbation Benefits


If the masturbation is done correctly and in the limit then there is no harm in it. It is a part of our life and it is natural in every human being.According to statistics, it has been found that 9 5% of male and 89% of women are masturbating on daily basis.It keeps us away from stress and makes good feels, helping in good sleep, reduce stress and feel relax.Generally there is no limit on it, it depends on the person doing the masturbate but it is considered correct to do it three times a week.There is no shortage of fertility and sexuality in Masturbate. Even dogs, cats, and monkeys also do masturbate.It protects against many types of sex-related infections.Many people believe that there is weakness in the body through masturbation But this is absolutely wrong if you are doing it in Limit, it does not make any difference to your body rather it also develops your hormones and this is increases your ability to think. Masturbation do people alone, so there is no risk of (STD) sexually transmitted disease in it, Masturbation benefits.

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 Masturbation Effects Masturbation Benefits


First of all, we have told you about the masturbation benefits. If you do more than limit then many of it can be effects. So let’s talk about masturbation effects-

  • If you do more masturbate than you need, then your body becomes weak and you will also feel weakness. By which you are destroying your body. If you have to be fit then you have to leave this habit.


  • Sometimes you start hating yourself after a masturbation. You start thinking that what I did. We all do everything for our happiness, but after a masturbation we think about ourselves wrong.This is one of the biggest masturbation effects that you think is wrong about yourself, so do not make it a habit.


  • Many times, some people are masturbating in a hurry, due to which the fluid emitted before semen goes into the muscle, which causes swelling in the penis and this swelling persists until the fluid gets back into the blood. Having this repeatedly leads to a serious illness.


  • Many people press their penis tightly or they begin to fold during the masturbation. It is not right, Doing this can damage your penis muscles. Many times it happens Peyronie’s disease by doing this, In which your penis crooked and this can damage your sex life too. If it is so, show a doctor soon.


  • In our semen there is a number of millions of sperm which helps us to become father. People who are masturbating everyday or have become habituated, So this reduces the sperm count of your semen.The result of which you can not become a father after marriage.If this is so, soon quit this habit.


  • Too much masturbation has a very bad effect on the digestive system. This affects our digestive system, which causes the digestive system to digest food very slowly.The fluid extracting before semen contains very high amounts of protein and all of you already know how much protein is necessary for our body develop, So leave your bad habit soon.


  • Too much Masturbate makes habit of premature ejaculation, which causes bad effects on your Married Life.  Due to premature ejaculation, you can not satisfy your partner, which breaks the relationship between you and your partner.


  • If you are doing more, you have more side effects – back pain, loss of eyesight, excessive fatigue, excessive laziness, pain in the testicles, hair fall, contraction in penis, premature ejaculation, swelling in penis, lack of sleep, low confidence and memory and concentration problems etc.

 Masturbation Effects Masturbation Benefits


Before this we have told you about the Masturbation Benefits and the Masturbation Effects. If you want to quit this habit, then we are giving some tips to this, which will help you to quit this habit-

  • Some people think that they will eat chicken or drink milk after the masturbation. Because of this, they do masturbation several times a day, but they think so wrong. They are just ruining their health and their lives, and doing so does not benefit you at all.


  • Avoid wrong people and their wrong thinking. Make friends who are good-minded and talk on good topics, if you live with such people then your attention will not go towards those bad things.


  • Some people have a habit of viewing porn movies and therefore want to masturbate them. If you stop viewing porn movies then your attention will not go towards masturbation, so stop watching such movies altogether.


  • Change your daily routine will change everything you used to do till now. Make a new daily routine and focus on good things and do good things. This will not move your mind towards those wrong things.


  • Skip reading sex stories. There is a lot of trending sex stories in today’s time. Some people upload it to the Internet and then millions of people read from it and while they are not real all the imagination happens, Because of which they do masturbation. Therefore remove everything related to sex from your life.


  • Stop thinking about girls, stop thinking about the girls around you. If you think of such things, then your attention will go to the same thing and similar things promote further crime. So keep your thinking positive.


  • Read motivational books. This is the way to keep your mind away from the dirty thoughts that you have read daily motivational books. This will give you positive thinking in your mind and you will do good work.


  • Always try to learn new and good things, this will not lead to wrong thoughts in your mind.


  • Get up early every morning and go to park do some exercise or play a game and sleep early at night. This will attract your mind towards good work and you will be physically fit.


  • Never give up, keep yourself busy, do workout everyday, think good things, do good work, read motivational books, do yoga and meditation, it will increase your ability to control you.

 Masturbation Effects Masturbation Benefits


we have given you information about the Masturbation Benefits, Masturbation Effects and How to stop Masturbation. If you really want to quit this habit then you have to take a firm resolve and follow the tips that given. If you still can not leave your habit, then you should consult a doctor.

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