We all know that food is very important for our life. Perhaps this is the most important requirement of our life. Food like air and water is also a very important part of our life. Food is very important for a person to live, develop and grow and do various types of works. We all need food not only to survive but also to live a healthy and active life but you know What is Food? and Types of Food. So today we will give you all the information related to food in this article, which is very important to know you. In this article we Provide all information about What is Food?Definition of Food and Types of Food-


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It is not enough to only eat and absorb food by digesting . Of course, it is also necessary to be useful for the body of food. See What is food-

“All the liquid or solid substances that humans eat and absorb through their digestive tract use it for various physical functions called Food”

That is, we can say that food is called such food ingredient, Which digested in the body, Be absorbed and provide energy for various physical activities.


  1. Physiological Functions
  2. Psychological Functions
  3. Social Functions


It is so amenable that a person’s food has a great effect on his physiological structure. That’s because, The ingredients present in the food together make the body and External and internal organs of the body keep active.  Physiological Functions of food are divided into the following categories:-

  • BODY BUILDING AND DEVELOPMENT– From food, we get all the elements from which the formation of new fibers, repairs of broken fibers and physical growth is possible. This work is done through proteins, mineral salts and water. Cells of different organs of the body are produced from proteins. iron is helpful in blood formation. Mineral salts like calcium and phosphorus work to build tissues of our teeth and osteoporosis. The body structure becomes weak after the lack of these nutrients in the body.


  • ENERGY IN THE BODY– Human body is never inactive. There is continuous action in the body, directly or indirectly. This requires constant energy. Even while sleeping, the heart keeps beating, breathing continues, digestion still working and the temperature of the body remains constant. All physiological activity requires energy which is obtained through nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats. 〈1 gram fats→gives→9kg calories〉  〈1 gram carbohydrates→gives→4kg calories〉 〈1 gram protein→gives→4kg calories〉.


  • PROTECT FROM DISEASES– To prevent disease prevention capacity is available only from food. Even the food elements help us recover quickly from diseases. like – Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin-d work to run the body processes regularly and protect against from many diseases. Iodine and Iron also protect us from diseases such as anemia.


  • PHYSIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY– The need for food is to keep the body running normally. The specific function of water is to smooth the body temperature and run it regularly. Roughage is required for feces construction and removal.




Every man has some emotional needs such as safety, love and respect. Meal is a medium for meeting these emotional needs. The food provides a sense of mental satisfaction and safety. Like a meal served by mother, the child realizes the love and affection of the mother. A child who drinks milk in his mother’s lap, makes himself feel safe, such a mother also gets mental satisfaction. By making a meal of someone’s choice, we can express our love and respect towards him and also Sometimes we leave food to express our anger too.

Often, small children use food as a psychological weapon to make their point. Many times we change our food in the desire of good looks and in the same way, the person with tension also behaves something like this with food.  Similarly, many psychological functions are associated with food.




Food has its own social significance. By sitting with someone, eating food creates a sense of harmony. Eating with all the members of the family strengthens the relationship. A person’s social status is realized even from the food fed in a feast. The food created on a particular religious event reflects the religious ideology of that religion. Many such social functions are associated with food.







CARBOHYDRATES Giving energy to the body Grains, pulses, jaggery, sugar etc.
PROTEIN Repair of broken fibers and the formation of new fibers and the formation of important hormones, hemoglobin and antidote. Milk and milk products, pulses, meat, fish etc.
FATS Giving energy and smoothness to the body Clarified butter, oil, butter etc.
VITAMIN To maintain physiological strength Citrus fruits, green-vegetable etc.
WATER For the control and operation of physiological functions Water, Liquid substance etc.
ROUGHAGE For the operation of the removal functions in the body Fiber-rich foods.
MINERAL SALTS To avoid and fight diseases Fruits and vegetables etc.

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Today we have given you all the information about What is Food and Types of Food. I hope that after reading this article,you must have known What is Food and Types of Food. You need to know about food because You should know which foods are being beneficial to us and what kind of nutrients is being received from food.

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