how to gain weight naturally



Today we will give you information about a topic that is highly searched on the internet. How To Gain Weight, How To gain Weight Fast or How To gain Weight Naturally, All these topics are very important to gain weight. There are many people who are very thin and do not look good because they are thin and many other peoples don’t like to talk and friendship for these peoples. People think that how to gain weight and on the internet there are many articles and videos on this topic, but they do not give full information about this. If you are one of those people who want to gain weight but without any supplements, that  quickly and Naturally, read the entire article this will really help you.


First of all you need to know how many calories you consume in one day.  There is a simple way to find out how many calories you are consume. Multiply your weight by 30 example→ Like multiplying 80 kg×30 = 2400 calories, this means that you have to consume 2400 calories a day. If you are taking calorie according to your weight, then your weight will increase fast. Keep in mind that you have to take 60% carbohydrates in a day. Example If you are taking 2400 calories a day, then 60% of them should be carbohydrates because carbohydrates is a great source of weight gain.


Many people think that by eating junk food or high fat things and resting throughout the day, weight will increase. By doing, weight will increase, but it makes health worse. By doing this, you are only spoiling your health. Because you are not eating healthy food.There are many products available in the market for weight gain. They are just fat-rich and more carbohydrate powder, which you can also consume from your natural diet. I mean to say that if you can weight gain with the natural process and that too fast, then even you do not need to take such products as weight gainers.

how to gain weight naturally


Right now, we will give you information about some Shakes that will help you gain weight quickly. If you follow the following Shakes, then your weight will be increase 5 kg in 15 days. We have given you information about 3 shakes. These Shakes regularly drink every morning and evening. This will definitely help you for weight gain-

  • First of all you need banana, sapodilla (chikoo) and milk. Mix these three things together in the grinder and then make a shake of it . You need the most carbohydrates to gain weight, which is found in abundance in banana and sapodilla (chikoo) and you will also get some minerals such as protein, iron and vitamin A. Drink this shake everyday in the morning and evening.


  • BANANA, Almond, Raisin, Oats, Peanut butter, Egg and milk. Do same process mix these things together in grinder and make a shake. If you are a vegetarian then don’t use egg. This shake is very beneficial for gain weight and it is also a high-protein shake.  Drink this shake everyday in the morning and evening.


  • BANANA, Avocado, Sesame, Oats and milk. Mix these together and make shake. you can also add honey in this shake. This will help you for gain weight.

how to gain weight naturally


As we have previously told that it is very important to take carbohydrates for weight gain. You must add carbohydrates in your diet.

High and best sources of Carbohydrates- Grains, lentils, Root vegetables, Jaggery, Fruits, Sugar, Oats and Potatoes.


Oatmeal with milk , 5 to 8 Eggs with yellow part, Oats with milk  and boiled potatoes. If you are vegetarian then don’t add eggs in breakfast. If you have to gain weight quickly, then eat all these in your breakfast, which i told you and you can definitely eat banana in the breakfast or you can also drink banana shake.

how to gain weight naturally


Veggies,  Gravy meat, chicken and fish with white rice. If you are vegetarian then you can eat Veggies, Lentil gravy with white rice, spinach, broccoli and Potatoes. Add all these to your lunch and if you want you can eat curd after lunch, it will help to digest your food and also for weight gain.

how to gain weight naturally


Dinner is very important. Veggies, meat or fish with white rice , gravy vegetables and salad. Add these foods in your diet. This will really help you for gaining weight. Before sleeping take milk with dry fruits, it is very beneficial for weight gain and also for some important minerals.

how to gain weight naturally


Sweet potatoes, dry fruits, sweet fruits, banana, raw green vegetables and  you can also take shakes which i told you before. Eat these foods when you feel hungry between breakfast and lunch and you can also take these foods before sleeping.

how to gain weight naturally

So now we have given you some weight gaining diet information. Add all these foods to your diet. These foods will help you gain weight quickly. If you are a vegetarian then add other foods to your diet except non-vegetarian foods.


Exercise with all these is also very important because exercise will also help in gaining weight.  go to gym and exercise every day. Do the weight lifting workouts and try to lift more and more weight according to your capacity. This will be that, if you do heavy weight exercises, then all tension will fall on your muscles so that your muscles will grow very quickly. This will help you for gaining weight naturally and quickly.

how to gain weight naturally

So today we have given information about How to Gain Weight fast and naturally. Read the entire article and all information about weight gain with naturally. There are only two things that can be weight gain: Diet and weight lifting. If you follow them regularly, then we guarantee that your weight will increase in 15 days. This is all about calories. if you take more calories in one day that will increase your weight. so focus on your diet and exercise.



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