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Today we will tell you what is Stretch Marks and how to get rid of Stretch Marks and how can we avoid this in the future. If you want to know about all these topics, then read this article thoroughly and get rid of the this marks.

First of all, i want to tell that the stretch marks are permanent. You can not remove 100% of them. These are most found in chest and near the shoulder and in the stomach of women during or after pregnancy. These are caused by excessive stretch of our muscles. Due to excessive stretching on the skin, our inner muscles come out, due to which it shows the mark of Stretch Marks.


  • The largest reason is Stretch Marks in women for their pregnancy. Due to pregnancy, their stomach grows very large, due to which their skin starts stretching. Which causes this marks.
  • If you are thin and you increase your weight quickly or gain weight quickly (dirty bulking) this also leads to stretch marks in your body. Especially thighs, stomach and middle of chest and shoulder.
  • It also happens with those people who do not warm up before workouts. You can get  marks if you start your workout without warm up.
  • Those who grow fast, whose height is much longer according to their age and whose muscles grow quickly, they also get this marks.


  • Before any workout or before playing any sports, warm-up must be done.
  • If you are fat then do not lose weight too quickly or do not gain weight quickly. If you slowly lose weight and gain weight then you will get very small marks. Otherwise It can be in excess quantity.
  • Massage the oil in the place where your marks are. This will benefit you.
  • Apply coconut oil and aloe Vera on your marks. It also good for skin.
  • Keep your weight under control.
  • Eat proper balance diet and nutrition.
  • Eat Fish, whole egg, walnuts and citrus fruits. it’s good for skin.

It is again telling you that stretch marks are permanent. You can not remove 100% of them. If someone tells you that they can be Remove , then this thing is absolutely fake. Many creams are available in market for remove this. Don’t use them because you will not get any benefits for those creams and it will waste your money too. This will happens mostly in women according to the men. Stretch marks are also part of our body, so don’t take it negative and if you have then, don’t feel ashamed because it happens with all peoples. Read the entire article and follow the tips given. If you follow the given tips then This will not give you stretch marks in the future and you can also reduce them.

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